Central-Span - 2" Standing Seam Profile
The Central-Span panel has a traditional flat pan, vertical rib appearance, often preferred by traditional architects for superior appearance and performance. Central-Span roofs meet the requirements for a wide range of roof slopes, shapes, loads, weather and related conditions. It has many of the features required for architecturally shaped roofs. The Central-Span panel has the capability of being formed over the eave to provide a continuation of the roof down the sidewall to form a fascia.

R-Loc is a 26 gauge commercial panel that is an excellent choice for projects that require commercial grade performance. R-Loc is designed to maximize the potential of your structures, specifically the steel frame. With its added purlin bearing rib, you can count on easier installation and a more pleasing appearance.

M-Loc is a structural roof and wall panel that can be installed directly over purlins or joists. The M-Loc panel is available in 26 gauge. This commercial panel has long served customers with lasting durability in commercial type applications.

Horizon-Loc is a durable concealed fastener roof system with easy snap together installation. This architectural panel system uses minimally visible fasteners, giving your building a clean, attractive finish. The panels easy snap-on ribs attach rapidly with no hand seaming, making installation less expensive than traditional standing seam.

Precision-Loc is our 24 gauge commercial/industrial wall and soffit panel. Precision-Loc is available with one rib (perforated or solid), and solid flat (no ribs).

Central Seam Plus
Central Seam Plus is a trapezoidal standing seam system designed for commercial and architectural projects. Central Seam Plus mechanically seamed system begins and ends in the high, reducing the risk of leakage at the rake.

Central-Loc is a snap-together trapezoidal roofing system that is an excellent choice for commercial applications. Central-Loc is manufactured from Galvalume which offers two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel.

Central-Snap is a vertical 1 3/4? snap-lock standing seam panel system that is sturdy and fire resistant, making it ideal for architectural and commercial applications. Installation is a snap, and its Galvalume substrate offers two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel. 24 Gauge Flat Sheets are also available.
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